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Top 8 Facebook Changes You Must Know Now

If you are want to know more about the latest Facebook Updates after the scandal, then here’s an article for you to be aware of new advertising limitations. We’ve gathered all the latest updates and explained what they’ve changed in Facebook’s advertising ecosystem.

1. Facebook refused not to use third-party data for targeting.

Previously, Facebook has been using data from brokers like Axiom. With this, Facebook launched a feature for targeting which is called”Partner Categories”. They were displayed just like any other targeting option which is why some of your favorite targetings are missing.

Now, in 2018 partner categories is being removed. This means that advertisers have fewer options for targeting.

After the Facebook’s data scandal, it is stated that Facebook stated that the company won’t use any third-party date and will only use their own data. This is to ensure that all the data being used for targeting was attained rightfully.

Facebook stated that the company won’t use any third-party data anymore and will rely only on its own resources in order to be sure that all data used for targeting was attained rightfully.

2. Facebook stopped showing the reach estimate for custom audiences ( Email and Phone lists).

If you’ve been using the custom audience features, you’ll realize that the reach estimate is missing. After the update, you cannot estimate what’s your audience size will be. This means that it can be difficult to estimate the numbers of people reached within a particular audience.

3. Facebook mentioned that it will require a proof that the email and phone list for a custom audience are collected legally.

With this update, you need to prove that the email and phone list is collected legally. Otherwise, your ads will be banned. So, if you are thinking about buying high-quality lists, just forget about it.

4. Advertisers aren’t allowed to share custom audiences with other business accounts.

As for now, it is not certain whether how this prohibition is going to work but we are going to see it pretty soon. Based on this update, it looks like we won’t be able to share pixels with another ad account.

5. Apps that weren’t used for 3 months by a particular customer will lose the access to the

This recent update affects not only suspicious apps but also transparent applications such as ads mdata.anagement tools. This means that it is time for apps to focus more on retention strategy.

Facebook reduced the data which consumers can give to apps during the sign in process. Now it’s just the consumer’s name, profile photo and email only.

If you want more data you are required to make the customer believe that your app is worth it. Some of these fields are not accessible:

  • Page likes
  • List of friends
  • Localisation

6. Facebook will verify advertisers who are running any ads related to politics. Advertisers now have to confirm their identity as well as location. Organizations who failed to prove their identity will be banned.

If you work for organizations or in the non-government sector, this update will be harsh on you. Even if you are a real person from a transparent organization, it is most likely to take more time to start running a new Facebook Ad Campaign or a new ad account in your Facebook Business Manager.

This is because Facebook decided to send a physical postcard with a verification code to advertisers who wants to prmote politicians during elections.

7. All users who manage big pages will be verified. They have to prove their identity.

It seems that this update doesn’t only affect only political pages but other fields as well. So, if you are a brand with a huge following, get prepared for an active dialogue with the Facebook’s admins.

8. Facebook hires more than 20k people for manual content review.

Ad review is going to be stricter than ever. According to the efforts we see on Facebook, it is going to be harder to overplay Facebook to promote prohibited topics such as cryptocurrencies.



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