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Facebook Training Malaysia – Hands-on Marketing Techniques to Improve Conversions

DMC is the premium choice of digital marketing training in Malaysia and here we we will share our Facebook marketing training tips for you. You will agree with me that Facebook is the reigning champion of all social media sites. The site records the highest number of visitors in the global market. It is one of the best sites where friends connect and share online. The advantage of this site is that it does not limit people on the kind of information they share.

You will find people sharing their social life, career life, family matters, and even shopping experiences on Facebook. This explains why most companies prefer to use it as their main digital marketing platforms. Facebook allows enterprises to market their products through self-promotions and customer interactions.

Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool for both small and big corporations. You can use the channel to broaden your reach, inform customers of current market trends, and develop your brand identity. The challenge with most investors is that they don’t know how to effectively use this platform to achieve their objectives.

You may find some of them using a single technique to reach out to all clients. The reason is that most of us are not aware of the types of marketing opportunities that Facebook offers. The main focus of this article is that types of Facebook marketing that are available for your consumption. You will discover that there is so much you can do with this platform to increase sales for your corporation.


Marketing on your Facebook Business Page

Marketing on your Facebook Business Page
The Facebook page is one of the free but great digital marketing tools. The page will assist you to create an identity for your business. Apart from listing the products and services you offer, you can also share posts, images, and links through the Facebook page. However, you need to customize the Facebook page to give it a better sense of business character and personality.

The Facebook business page will assist you to develop the identity for your brand and portray its human side. You can loosen the tie a bit on Facebook by being a bit funny. You may even post one or two crazy videos that speak about your brand.

However, you should be keen of what your main audiences would like to view. Make sure you only share images and videos that are linked to your business. You could also post an article that speaks about the brand on the Facebook page. An ideal situation is where you post a nice mix of educative resources, humor, and updates about the brand. Most people rely on this method but there are more ways you could use Facebook to make your brand known.


Classic Ads: Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads is a unique form of advertisement from Facebook. These ads appear in the side columns of the site. Most people refer to these classic ads as marketplace ads. They comprise of an image, headline with copy, and a click through link to a Facebook App, Facebook page, or an external website. This is one of the best techniques you can use to drive website clicks and increase your likes.

The main features of Facebook advertising include in-built ads performance measurement tools, Ad testing that allows you to simultaneously run ad versions for you to compare ad setup and designs, the ability to set the budget of the ads, and Facebook demographic date targeting by interests, education, location, and age of users.

Facebook does not release any information concerning the Ad CTR. It makes it very difficult to measure the success rate of Ads. Generally, Facebook Ads have an average CTR of 0.051% and CPC of 0.80%. However, the Facebook advertising cost of a business varies depending on competition and the targeting options you set.

It can be very beneficial to use Facebook to increase the likes of your brand. Users become followers of your business page once they like the page. Your posts will end up appearing in their Facebook News Feeds. You end up finding more users interacting with your brand. In future, you may transform these relationships into conversations and sales.

Facebook Training Malaysia Hosting Contests on Facebook

Hosting Contests on Facebook
Another Facebook marketing technique that can increase your brand awareness and number of fans running Facebook contests, promotions, and sweepstakes. However, you should be aware that you cannot host these contests through Facebook itself. This means that individuals cannot write answers in the comments or use likes as entries.

Therefore, you must use a third-party application to create the Facebook Contest. You will simply use the Facebook platform to direct visitors to the application. There are several paid tools that can assist you to achieve this objective. However, you can still find some free applications online. One of the sites that offers several free contests is Shortstack as long as your Facebook page has less than 2000 likes. Another site that has excellent free options is Pegamodo. The challenge with most of these free tools is that they have limited options.


Sponsored Stories

This is a form of Facebook ad that shows the interactions of the user such as his likes and friends. Sponsored stories capitalize on the concept of word of mouth marketing. A user may pay more attention to a page he sees that more than three of his or her friends like. The main objective of sponsored stories is to make sure that the user takes an action that is similar to his friends.

Advertisers may choose to show the likes of friends if they want to generate more likes. A business may also show the friends who claimed a specific offer if they want more users to claim it. While the action of claiming an offer, or liking a page will be automatically posted into the feeds of the user, some of the users may overlook the posts.

Sponsored stories are positioned strategically to allow them appear in the right-side bar and new feeds. This is the only ad format that you can find on mobile devices. These stories are not only applicable to offers and likes as you can also use them with all Facebook open graph applications.

In case your friend has installed a Scramble with other Facebook friends, Facebook sponsored stories can show other users that their friend just played the Scramble game. It also comes with an invite to challenge the friends to play with him any similar variation of the game.

According to the Facebook team, these sponsored stories command high CTRs of 46% and low CPCs of 20% than other Facebook Ads. This makes them to be among the most efficient Facebook marketing tools. You can easily create these stories using the Facebook Ad Create flow. In addition, open graph sponsored stories that have a costumed call to action call for advertisers to use third-party online applications.

Facebook Promoted Posts

This options allows owners of a Facebook page to pay a flat rate to have their individual Facebook posts send to a specific number of users which enhances the reach and impressions of a particular post. Some people wonder why they have to pay in order for their followers to view their posts. The assumption is that any user who has liked my page should see my posts in their feeds.

The term impressions refer to the number of times the content you publish reflects in the news feed of the user. Impressions can either be paid, organic or viral. Viral impressions refer to the number of times the information that is associated with your page appears in a story that your friend posts.

The truth of the matter is that users don’t spend all their time going through new feeds on Facebook. Some of these posts may go unnoticed. Some of the feeds may be swapped away by the most recent ones. This is where Facebook promoted posts come in very handy. They increase the chances of new users seeing your posts in their feeds. Apart from the existing fans seeing these Facebook promoted posts, there is an option of their fans also viewing the posts.


Facebook Open Graph

This application allows investors to label the action of their user with their application. We have billions of interactions that are posted with this Facebook open graph. Enterprises can create third party applications that connect with the users and post a Facebook notification whenever the users perform specific actions using this apps. Facebook open graph enables some creative interactions among users that are outside the common comments and likes.

Some posts may require users to read, taste, or listen. The underlying idea is to generate create ideas for the business. Whenever an application or site prompts the user to log into his or her Facebook account, it normally has nothing to do with the Facebook open graph. One of the perfect examples of how Facebook open graph has become a powerful Facebook marketing tool is Spotify.

Facebook Exchange

In terms of cost per impression and cost per click, Facebook exchange ads are relatively cheap. Therefore, the monetary benefits entirely depend on your business needs. These figures are also subjective to the change as Facebook exchange ads start to appear often in the news feed.

The initials PPC stand for pay per click. In this model, an advertiser must pay a fee each time his or her ad is clicked. You have to send the search engine a small fee every time your ad is clicked as it directs the visitor to your site. The advantage is that most of these clicks results into huge sales. You could pay only $2 for a click but make a sale of $500.

Now we have established the types of Facebook ads type, if you are looking for in house training or want to learn more about Facebook training, do give us a call at 0194715379


It is immediately followed by a permission request that most users click with very little thought. You may find yourself giving permissions to over 200 applications, and you may not recall the reasoning of most of them. Spotify will be able to stream the kind of song the user is listening to the news feeds of a friend as long as it has obtained the permission.

You will realize that users get a broad range of options. They may like the song that their friend is listening to, join him in listening to the song, or star the song as a favorite in Spotify. These are unique open graph actions that stand out from the users cluttered craziness of the news feeds.

Most Facebook games make frequent use of open graph actions by posting a notice whenever a user completes a level or wins an achievement. These actions are categorized as a new form of consumer stories that take advantage of the word of mouth phenomena. These open graph posts make more sense to the user because it is a friend who generates them. They are the greatest and latest Facebook marketing tools that are not generated by the brand.

Facebook Training Workshop Objectives

You will be able to optimize your Facebook ads for increased conversions and decreased costs. You will be able to create and make use of every type of Facebook ad. You will be able to grow your Facebook page likes and post engagement. You will be able to find new customers that will drive your brand to new heights via social marketing. Join this course now to learn how to take your brand, product or service to the next level with the power of Facebook Marketing!

Facebook Training Workshop Description

Use Facebook marketing to excel your business! Takes this course to optimize your Facebook ads today!
What you will learn in this course is original, tested, and very detailed! Learn the Social Media Marketing strategies I implement for clients daily, including what social media pages are right for you and content management options that will streamline your posting process. This course will also layout how to optimize your Facebook ads and enable you to reach any type of target market! Make the most of social media marketing and make it easy, so you can get back to what you do best, running your business!

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Facebook Training Malaysia

  • Create an Optimized Facebook Page

  • Able to choose the budget that fits your marketing goals

  • Understand lead generation and lead capturing

  • Create a Facebook Ad


Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Create an Optimized Facebook Page
  • Able to choose the budget that fits your marketing goals
  • Understand lead generation and lead capturing
  • aCreate a Facebook Ad

Targeted Participants

SME Owners or Markets
Who are looking for growing an existing organization’s user or customer base or seeking to add a digital component to their existing marketing skill set.

Workshop Outline


Training Methodology/ Approach

  • The use of technical and subject matter experts
  • Relevant and concise course material for each participant
  • Customized case studies, business simulations
  • Extensive use of internet throughout course delivery
  • Group discussions
  • Whiteboard and flip chart


Workshop Duration : 2 Days Facebook Training Malaysia Course Modules

Overview of the Facebook Platform
– What Facebook is, how it works and latest trends on Facebook
– The differences between profiles, pages, groups and events
– Creating a Facebook page for your business
Optimizing Your Fanpage
– Creating a Facebook page for your business
– Customizing tabs with applications to set up your page
– Understanding how profiles and pages link and work together
– Creating powerful posts that engage your fans
–Implementing best practices on your page
– Drawing fans to your page
Understanding Facebook Campaign Ads Manager
– Understanding the difference between traffic, conversion and engagement
– How to set your marketing objective in Facebook
– Understanding ads set, placement, target audience
Case Studies Review
– Review of successful case studies in the pharmaceutical industry and how can model after them
– The do’s and don’t of Facebook advertising
– Discover exactly how to master the edge rank algorithm
Facebook Marketing Campaign
Here we will learn how to identify our target market, learn how to build ads and learn how to promote them.
– How to identify the potential buyers
– The type of ads to use on Facebook
– How to use Canva for ads creation and editing
– Understanding Lookalike Audience
Advance Facebook Campaign
– A/B Testing
– Ad Auction and Delivery Overview
– Audience Insights
– Using Facebook Pixel to Measure, Optimize, and Build Audiences for Campaigns
– Reporting on Facebook Campaign

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