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eCommerce Training Malaysia

Workshop Description

A practical, hands on approach on how you can build your e-commerce store and.


Workshop Objectives

To understand the concept of a e-commerce store and learn the skills needed to setup one

Expected Learning Outcomes

You will be able to set up an ecommerce store. You will be able to design your store, insert products, setup payment system and fulfilling the order.

Workshop Outline

Training Methodology/ Approach :

  • The use of technical and subject matter experts
  • Relevant and concise course material for each participant
  • Customized case studies, business simulations
  • Extensive use of internet throughout course delivery
  • Group discussions
  • Whiteboard and flip chart

Workshop Duration: 2 Days

eCommerce Training Malaysia Course Modules

Section 1: Introduction to

- Module 1: What is e-Commerce?
- Module 2: WordPress.org Overview

You will learn the key concepts behind e-Commerce & online business

Section 2: Web Fundamentals

- Module 3: Setting Up Your Domain Name and Hosting
- Module 4: Installing WordPress
- Module 5: WordPress Dashboard
- Module 6: Creating the Foundation of Your Website

You will learn how to set up your domain name and web hosting

Section 3: Theme Set Up

-Module 7: Setting Up WooCommerce Theme

You will learn how to customize your e-Commerce Theme

Section 4: WooCommerce Set Up

- Module 8: Install WooCommerce
- Module 9: Setup Your Online Store Structure
- Module 10: General Store Settings
- Module 11: Setup Shop & Policy Pages

You will learn the most customizable e-Commerce platform for building your online business

Section 5: WooCommerce Set Up

- Module 12: Shipping Methods
- Module 13: Payment Gateway (Paypal)
- Module 14: Payment Gateway (Direct Bank Transfer)
- Module 15: Payment Gateway (iPay 88)

You will set up your product shipping attributes and charge customers for the different shipping costs of each of our products

Section 6: Product Insertion

- Module 16: Simple Products
- Module 17: Variable Products
- Module 18: Grouped Products

You will learn how to add new products to your e-Commerce store and create a shopping heaven for the users!

Section 7: Product Marketing

- Module 19: Basic SEO for e-Commerce

You will learn how to implement basic SEO technique, rank on Google 1st page so that users will be able to find you online and increase your online sales

Section 8: Advanced Web Design

- Module 20: Customizing Your Theme
- Module 21: About Us Page
- Module 22: Contact Us Page

You will learn how to customize

Section 9: Fulfilling Order

- Module 23: Tracking Order

You will learn how to track your orders and there is where the money is!

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