Accelerate Your Business via Digital Marketing Campaign

RM 2600 / PERSON

Targeted Participants

SME Owners, Business Development Manager
Who are planning to growing an existing organization's or customer base or seeking to add a digital component to their existing marketing skill set.

Workshop Outline


Training Methodology/ Approach

  • The use of technical and subject matter experts
  • Relevant and concise course material for each participant
  • Customized case studies, business simulations
  • Extensive use of internet throughout course delivery
  • Group discussions
  • Whiteboard and flip chart


Workshop Duration : 2 Days Accelerate Your Business via Digital Marketing Campaign Training Course Modules

Strategic View: Planning The Campaign
Companies that create a plan, succeed. Whether it’s a business plan, marketing plan or digital plan.
– Online Marketing Goals
– Online Marketing Objectives
– Marketing KPI
Campaign goals and tracking. What are we trying to achieve through our campaign and how will we know when we achieve it?
Analysis: Customer Insights And Target Audience
Your online marketplace analysis summarises how the target audience for your campaign consumes media. – Who’S Buying From You? Why?
– How Do They Find You (E.G. Using Search Engines, Comparison Or Media Sites)?
– Who Else Do They Buy From?
– How Could You Increase Your Target Audience?
– Where Else Do Your Customers Spend Time Online?
Campaign insight and targeting. Which audiences are we trying to reach and influence to achieve our goals? Understanding the customers buying motivation and buying concerns.
Content Marketing: Content Is King
When you start a campaign you need a hook, theme or main message you want the audience to recall and act upon. – Promoting New Products
– Launching New Products
– Brand Messaging
– Promotional Offers and T&Cs
– Developing Online Value Propositions
– Reasons to Click
– Viral Content
Key campaign messages and offers. Which campaign storytelling ideas, content and product-related offers will engage and convert our audience? How are we trying to position our company, products and services?
Reach: Customer Acquisition Methods
– Understanding Google Ads
– Google Remarketing
– Case Studies on Successful Campaigns
Developing your own sales funnel online. Able to leverage Google to gain more customers online
Reach: Customer Acquisition Methods Part 2
– Understanding the Digital Sales Funnel
– Understanding Facebook Marketing
– Facebook Remarketing
– Case Studies on Successful Campaigns
Implement a working strategy on Facebook ads
Convert: Encourage Sale, Optimise And Test
– Ab Testing
– Using Email Marketing to Build Authority
– Using Softwares to further analyze the effectiveness of digital marketing
Optimise and test. Able to use tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, Spyfu, Market Samurai, Hootsuite
Engage : Sharing, Research Effectiveness
Encouraging sharing and ongoing engagement in campaign. – Using Google Trend
– Using BuzzSumo
– Understanding affiliate marketing and how it can help grow business
– Latest Tools and Mobile Apps
Will be able to use tools to identify what are trending and reading data to make better decision in digital marketing.

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