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The Drop of SEO Ranking

Being so used to have most of my keywords on page 1 and ranked top 1 for almost 3 years now, when my keywords start dropping a few slots to no 3 of page 1 of Google, it got me rattled.

At first, I thought Google is randomly testing its algorithm but then after 2 weeks, my positions seemed permanent. Ranking for keywords in Google first page is easy for me, and when I see my keywords, not on top 1 of Google, it actually pisses me off.

Then when I did more research I realised there was a huge algorithm update from Google called the Medic Update on August 1.

So What is Medic Update by Google?

In summary, Google is calling this a broad, global, core update, but based on much of the analysis done thus far, there seems to be a focus on health and medical sites and YMYL Your Money Your Life sites. But many sites besides those were impacted by the update.

Google is telling us that there is nothing you can do to fix your site, so you should just focus on making a great experience, offer better content and a more useful website. This update has taken on the name the Medic Update because of its focus on the medical and health space. This specific focus is something Google will not confirm.

Then again I asked myself if Google is going after those sites that have false claims or too much guarantee, my DMC site is about offering information about digital marketing.

Then upon more digging, I realised this.

Google Update 2018

Google also said, “As with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.”


I went ‘wtf’ mode now Google is doing charity to reward sites that have not perform well-meaning putting their sites higher than mine out of pity?
Anyway, what you can do to ‘force’ back your ranking to the top of Google. Now some of you might think, so what you are still on page 1 no.2 or no.3. Actually, it is not, if my site is above the fold (refer to image 2)
google ranking

Image 2

you will get lots of traffic but once the position dropped, your traffic will drop significantly by almost 50% even though you are second or third position ranking even on page 1.

So How Do I Force Google to Give Me Back My Top Ranking?

a. Be so much better than the no.1 content. If they write 1000 words, you write 2000 words. If they have videos, infographic, you have to do double of these!
b. For 3 years, I dominated most of the keywords ranking whatever related to training on top of Google ranking, consultation and I did not update any content. Now it has taught me to update all content at least monthly basis. DO NOT write new content with the same keyword, that is duplicate content and Google hates it. Instead just go back to the existing content page and add more value to it. Add more videos, graphics or even text to it. I imagine in the next 5 years, each page will be at least 5000 words with well-done videos and graphics accompanying it.
c. Link out to an authority site. Link out to Wikipedia, and other authority sites that is outside your region. Don’t be silly to link to your direct competitor though.
d. Get higher trust flow (TF) in Google’s eyes. Build more link, internal link them and add more schema to your sites.
All the best. Time to get all my keywords to the top position of Google, see you at the top.

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