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The Truth About Ads


Truth #1. The only purpose of an online ad is to get the right people to click your link.

I’d rather have 100 of the right people click my link than 10,000 people who aren’t the right fit. That’s how you WASTE money on ads.

Truth #2. Curiosity is key.

If you can make someone curious about your ad, you’ll EARN the click.

Truth #3. If you don’t know where to start, ask a question.

Three basic questions have served me very well in this arena since before the turn of the century.

“Are you tired of ______?”

“Would you like to _____?”

“Have you ever wanted to _____?”

Ask them if they’re tired of being in pain or living with fear. Ask them if they’d like to get a powerful benefit or a cool payoff. These are the best places to start when writing ads.

Side note: I saw an ad on Facebook the other day that blew my mind. It was a white graphic with a one-line question in black text. There was no image… the text WAS the image. It grabbed my attention so I clicked it. Turned out it was a friend of mine. I called him up an asked how the ad was doing. He told me he’s SLAYING IT!

Remember I said at the beginning of this email the whole purpose of an online ad is to get the right people to click on your ad.

Well, to do that you only need 3 steps:

Step 1: Attention grabber
You typically do this with the headline (in a text ad), OR a picture (in an image ad or social media ad), OR the first you do or show on the screen along with the first words that come out of your mouth (video ad).

Step 2: Curiosity Body
Show them a picture and/or text designed to make them ask “What is it?” or “How can they do THAT?”

Step 3: Call To Action
The users online do not know what you want them to do. You need to tell them specifically with a Strong Call To Action (one of the best CTA will be “Click Here To _____.”)

Truth #4: It’s Just A Numbers Game

Selling more and making money with online ads is nothing more than a numbers game!
The truth is, from my experience, it can take between 10 and 50 ad tests to find one that works well enough to be profitable.
The best thing you can do is burn through those 10-50 ads as fast as you can to eliminate the poopers and find the few that convert really well and then scale those. Nobody runs one ad and has an instant hit! That’s not how it works!
So if you’ve tried running ads in the past and failed… don’t feel bad.

NOBODY knows (despite what they may tell you) which ads will work until they finish running all the ads that don’t!

Fail FAST. Don’t give up!

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