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Google FRED Update

Google Just Wiped Out A Huge % of Websites from Top Ranking of Google

Google has been doing updates on daily basis this year 2017 and we sometimes see ranking move from page 1 to page 2 or vice versa on daily basis.

However, Google Fred just wiped out a big chunk of the Internet website who uses mostly thin and useless content with automation links. Google has always been telling that they always focus on customer’s experience, giving the best answer to what customer’s searching for.

Most of my friends who used auto blogging to generate useless content are given the boot. Those sites will be long gone and never be seen again in ranking. The sites has been deindex and will never ever see ranking in Google search engine.

Backlinks still play and important role in ranking site and it doesn’t matter the links are PBN links because as long as it comes from high quality site with good content, the link stays there. The only problem arises when Google found the PBN sites are low quality content and will deindex them making their links useless; and once the links are gone, your ranking goes bye bye too.

Google FRED targeting Ads Heavy Site – Is Adsense Dead?

Well this is true in a way because most of my adsense sites ranking has dropped terribly. However it goes against Google Adsense rules that allows 3 ads per page. I am sure now Google it putting more emphasis in their earnings through Google search Ads and retargeting ads rather than sharing its profit with us publishers. Does that mean Adsense now is dead? The answer is yet to be seen and we will have to wait a while more to really draw some solid conclusions.

However, one thing for sure is, if you put ads that is relevant to your content and helps users experience; for eg. if you are doing a review on the top 5 banking services and put relevant ads to that, Google seems to be ok with it.

Google Always Wants Best Customer’s Experience

So what does that meant? Many sites I tested, even with good article about 1000 words, you can see ranking in top 5 pages within a week or so. I believe by adding video content and infographics will really make it the best content piece available there and will give you even higher ranking. Meaning it is not enough just to write a good piece of content now, you need more like videos and infographics to back the post about.

Also always write based on longer tail keyword. Giving exactly what users are searching for is the main priority of Google. How to train a Dog probably is inrelevant now compared to how to train a bulldog or even better, how to train your bulldog not to bite or how to train your bulldog to skateboard.

Is SEO Dead?

I love SEO and SEO is an art. Unless you are prepared to invest your time and effort to building a site that is worthy to the front page of Google, don’t waste your time learning SEO. There are thousands of website or even hundreds of thousands of site competing for holy grail of SEO; the front page and why should Google gives you first page?

You can never cheat Google. Build long term solid backlinks and always focus on giving the best content to users. Your site must be able to navigate easily too (every content can be access within 2 clicks) and of course your website must be mobile friendly. Loading speed and lower bounce rate all plays small but important role in ranking your site. There are probably hundreds of ranking factor but simply focused on writing good, solid content and getting high quality backlinks should propel your site to the top of Google and let you stay there without worrying about all the Google updates.

PS: I could make a video and infographic about this content too!

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SEO Company in Malaysia

SEO Company in Malaysia

One of the biggest thing before Malaysia company invest in SEO is the pricing. Let’s go ahead and jump right in and talk about that. “SEO can mean many different things.” There’s just not a real definition for SEO. It’s generally what helps you in the search engines, but what is involved with doing an SEO service? There’s a lot of ambiguity there. That’s why when you look around and you’re doing a search for SEO services, you may find services that are as low as $50, $100,a month. Then you’ll find other services that costs you around thousands of dollars a month.

One of the reasons is because what do the people really mean when they say SEO? It may be that they’re saying they’re going to make sure your site is readable by the search engines, they’re going to do some work on some meta tags. That would be your $50 a month service.

On the other side of the spectrum, they may be offering link building and content creation and keyword research, even doing social marketing for you. All of which when you start adding that all together, the price starts to go up. You’re also getting a lot more for what you’re spending.

What Are The Factors That Affects The SEO in Malaysia?

The first thing is to determine that your website is readable. It makes sure that you are going to be found in the search engines. From there, you need to have some keyword research. That’s very important. And it’s not a given that every service is going to have real keyword research. Even the term “keyword research,” a lot of times companies just go onto Google Adwords and just say “How many searches is this keyword going to get?” and they count that as keyword research.

They don’t do any research into the competition or really how competitive is that keyword, how much traffic is it really going to bring you? After doing on-page optimization, it helps the search engines to not only read the site but be able to understand what the site is about. It is going to be involve in dealing with the text, dealing with meta tags, alt tags, etc.

After moving beyond your own site, then, you can do link building, which is where you’re getting other people to link to your site. It is going to be done by creating content that can then be either used by other people or shared by other people. By doing link building, you’re able to build authority to your site. Besides that, social media has become very important in SEO now. This is because social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others have been around for a while and they can influence the search engines and the search rankings. That is becoming more important. By making sure that people are sharing content and finding ways to do that in Facebook, Twitter, and especially Google+ now is becoming very important.

One of the other questions that I get asked often is about an ongoing cost to an SEO Training. People often have the mindset that SEO is a one-time thing. As a result of that, there should only be a one-time cost. The common questions are “Why are you charging me X number of dollars and why do you want it charged a certain number of dollars every single month?” Why don’t you talk a little bit about that as well? .There are two aspects to that. The first is that the search engines are not just a finite, fixed thing. They’re changing things all the time. They’re rewriting their algorithm and changing things. In the past two years, it’s been really crazy how much has changed and how that’s affected websites. That is why SEO Specialist is highly in demand right now.

There are even websites that were doing very well in the search engines that you can’t even find them anymore. So that’s one aspect, are you want to be able to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the search engines, how your site needs to be optimized, and what kind of strategies you’re doing to grow your site. The other aspect is that SEO is a race. It’s a competition. You’re not trying to reach a certain standard with the search engines; you’re trying to beat out everyone else. So if you’re not continuing to do things like the link building, the content creation, getting the shares, and your competition is, you’re going to lose. They’re going to eventually take over, they’re going to beat you out for those spots, even if you already have them. And then you’ll start losing rankings, and you will lose traffic. It’s important to stay on top of that.

Another factor that goes into determining the price of SEO is to choose between a customized service or a predetermined package.

If you have a cookie cutter package, it can usually be cheaper This is because the processes are already in place. There’s no real original thinking. When you customize something, it’s going to take a little more work, a little more effort. However, it tends to be a little better. The reason with SEO that it tends to be better is that no two websites are the same. How old is your website? Is it a new site, old site? How many links do you have coming in? How competitive is the niche that you’re in, and what kind of a niche is it?

Certain niches do better with social sharing than others. So there’s just a lot of different aspects where a good SEO is going to look at it and say, “Here are some of the things that we can do to fit your site.” And sometimes it’s done within a framework because the general principles aren’t going to change. I’m not going to optimize your site so differently from one site to the next. The principles are still the same, but maybe some of the strategies that you employ get shifted around.

Lastly, “SEO is a valuable long-lasting investment.” What do you mean by that, and how does that really affect the price? It’s really the framework, the mindset that you approach it with. Understanding that SEO is not just this finite marketing system or this marketing strategy. With an ad, you put the ad out there; when it’s done, it’s gone and that’s it.

With SEO, you get to retain the benefits of the SEO services that you’re getting. So as your site gets listed and starts growing in the search engines and becoming more authoritative, you retain that. You get to keep that, and that’s going to keep bringing you benefits. It also is going to grow you. Especially if you’re doing the link building and the content creation, the sharing, those things are going to increase your value in the search engines, so over time, you’re going to get more benefit and rewards, from the work that’s being done. Even if you’re doing the same amount of work, you may be getting two, three, four times as much traffic off of that work, because you’ve grown your website. As a result of that, the cost per visitor, the cost per sale, the cost per conversion just continues to go down.

After reading this article, I believed that you will have a better understanding about SEO company in Malaysia.

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SEO Expert in Malaysia – What You Need To Know | Updated 2018

What Makes A Good SEO Expert in Malaysia

The choice to employ an SEO expert in Malaysia is the simple part, specifically when your site is not generating the level of traffic you desire or growing greatly gradually. Stagnancy takes place to the very best people, however normally happens when a business is not progressive adequate about adjusting to modifications in search algorithms and progressing patterns. Honestly, staying up to date with the times is a BIG task! That’s why discovering a devoted SEO expert can be the greatest possession to your digital marketing group.

Yet, this market, in particular, has the tendency to bring in a lot of unreliable type individuals who try to find methods to provide fast outcomes, without doing a lot of work. Unlike other markets that have accrediting bodies or market requirements, there is no such animal for SEO. It depends on “buyer beware” to acknowledge and prevent “black hat strategies” that injured online search engine positioning and brand name credibility in the long run. As soon as you comprehend exactly what you do not desire, here are a couple of qualities you must anticipate from a respectable SEO expert.

seo expert malaysia

1. Experience

” Anybody can set-up an ‘SEO company’ over night and call themselves an SEO specialist,” SEO Specialist Jill Whalen informed CIO Publication. “However that does not suggest they understand exactly what they’re doing. There are numerous little things that enter into the larger photo of doing SEO and it takes several years of experiencing what works and exactly what does not to really do an excellent task.” She discusses that individuals who are brand-new at SEO might attempt all the same techniques on every website till among them is partially effective, whereas the most experienced SEO specialists comprehend that each private organisation needs a various set of SEO techniques to be successful and understands simply where to funnel the most resources for optimal impact.

2. The Entire Enchilada

Seo include is more than coding a web page. Repairing technical, structural problems is still essential in getting rid of road blocks for search spiders to crawl and index your material. Nevertheless, the very best SEO professionals likewise have an extensive understanding of technical SEO, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. As Taylor Pratt, VP of marketing for Raven Tools states, “You do not desire a one-dimensional SEO. You require somebody who will approach their technique from all 3 angles to make the most of success.” In addition to three-dimensional SEO know-how, the very best SEO specialists are the ones who have an extensive understanding of digital marketing and branding as a whole and how it connects to completion user. You can have various # 1 rankings in Google, however if users do not resonate well with your site and material, those # 1 rankings are worthless.

3. A Proven Performance History

Do not hesitate to request for referrals and case studies to weed out the leaders from the pack. You wish to see concrete outcomes and enhancements from your interaction with the SEO company that validate the expenditure. It’s simple for business to provide themselves in an expert way and come off as having a mutual understanding of SEO. Yet, it’s another thing to have a history of pleased customers. Reviews ready, however referrals who want to speak with you and vouch for the SEO expert’s credibility are much better. Request 3 present customers you might speak to for more details.


There are lots of personality trait in the SEO market. Preferably, you’ll discover somebody with the enthusiasm and drive to achieve your business objectives. You desire somebody with a serious “can-do” mindset, who grows on discovering solutions to barriers and obstructions that might appear along the way. It’s reasonably simple to discover old grizzled veterans who have actually remained in the market for several years. Yet, regardless of their experience, they might end up being quickly troubled when old techniques do not work as they utilized to. Discover a partner who is passionate about finding out and upgrading his/her ability. These are individuals who will see business from today, through the future.

5.Material Expertise

Modern SEO works out beyond computer system engineering degree work like link building and site tinkering to get rankings. The expression “Web content is king” still reigns supreme as it assists services reach bigger objectives beyond merely taking web users in mass droves. What great are sets of eyes on your copy if they’re entirely withdrawn in exactly what you need to use and leave your website seconds later on, without any significant interaction? The very best SEO experts have the ability to compose interesting and SEO-friendly material(or have dependable access to a pack of ravenous authors at their disposal). Individuals are flooding the online search engine not for a site, but also for an answer– one that the SEO pro should understand ways to successfully promote and deliver! SEO is as much about marketing, social networks, material, and psychology as it has to do with indexing, linking and pay-per-click advertisements. The more your SEO expert comprehends about the various elements that come into play, the greater your website will do in regards to conversions, not simply web traffic.

How To Employ an SEO Expert in Malaysia

When you want to employ an SEO Expert in Malaysia, you want to make sure that you make full use of your investment. Here is how what you need to know:

1. Speak with referrals and see previous work examples. A quick list of present and previous customers can speak volumes about a possible SEO hire. Similar to any company, recommendations are an excellent way to evaluate prospective hires. There are easy SEO tools readily available online to rapidly inspect a site’s page rank. If a freelancer is not comfy sharing previous success stories there ought to be no factor for you to handle the danger of employing them.

2. Inquire about their SEO technique. A correct expert will have the ability to describe exactly what methods they will utilize to enhance your ranking along with a quote of the period of the project. Request for a preliminary technical evaluation of your site. This will assists you comprehend exactly what they will alter, as onsite optimization will need some adjustments to your codes.

3. Look out for black hat SEO. Prevent customers who utilize black hat SEO methods like spamming remarks areas with links, as these can land you a charge from Google. Online search engine’ web designer finest practices likewise restrict typical SEO techniques like covert text, spam material and extreme anchor text connecting.

4. Lastly, when you have actually made a hire, ensure to interact frequently with your freelancer as you would with other specialist. You can track the success of your SEO freelancer by keeping an eye on the variety of links and the quantity of traffic returning to your site through Google Analytics. Professionals utilize these information to identify exactly what is working best for your website.

By taking these pointers into factor to consider, you will be well to becoming a SEO expert in Malaysia.


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SEO Course in Malaysia

SEO Course in Malaysia

SEO courses in Malaysia are in huge demand. It is a good idea to attend the right SEO course is the need of the hour. Today’s company requirements are rather diversified and also complicated. In order to get the ideal level of reputation in the digital world or in the ordinary web world, you need to recognize the nuances of creating your website content in such a way, that it is surely well known by world’s top online search engine such as Yahoo, Google as well as Bing.

You have to gather SEO (Search Engine Optimization) particular words to ensure that your company’s products/services or perhaps blog site write-ups are recorded in the top search engine rankings on Google searches. This is exactly how you can make the entire world recognize that you are in the e-biz whirl.

Presently, allow me to take you through detailed procedural methods on that are allowed to start an SEO course, what type of SEO courses are offered in the marketplace for you to select from, and ways in which you can incidentally be gained by the course.

Before You Join SEO Training Course in Malaysia

Before you join any type of course about Search Engine Optimization, you need to get an evaluation of your requirements. It can help you make a decision which of the online courses will better and suitable for you.

First, you need to scout for a minimum of three SEO courses provider. Check out learning offers.

After that, check the subjects of their particular training components. Aim to fit your guidelines along with exactly what each of them can provide. Through this, you had recognized just what you will be going to gain from these courses. It is the terrific idea for you to make sure that the money you should invest will certainly be valuable.

After you have selected a provider, check if the course it provides could learned with the information you obtain prerequisites knowledge to learn that course. If you think about trying complete SEO course, then it must not just consist of keyword phrases and its use. This course will guide you in full aspects like how keyword research and various other technique impact the method a web page interact with the online search engine. Aim to optimise single site by fundamental tips and tricks will help once not everytime.So, if you need to optimized website properly you need to take instruction from an SEO specialist. Having broad understanding of SEO through extensive courses will be useful on your part.

Are You Suitable To Attend An SEO Course?

You can sign up for a course about SEO development, also just in case you seek to begin your very own business website or perhaps your e-store and you need your position to be primarily noticeable over various other e-sites. And get your site on the first page of the online search engine. Almost all you must have, if you want to qualify yourself to get an SEO training course consist of general knowledge of English, working expertise of computer systems and also a secure net connectivity.

Software program engineers and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) experts are getting saturated as well as qualified individuals are incapable to get jobs suit their expertise. The market has more than enough of them. This is exactly where a value extra course is a necessary. Jobs such as SEO development, Practical Writing, Developing specialized website guidelines for products as well as Mobile Web development are reaching the top in today’s job markets.

From Whom to Study: Finding the Right Educator

There are tons of SEO instructors available and getting the right one may be the toughest part of the procedure. For better or worse, there is not just one technique for SEO. Many people approach the fundamentals in a similar way. However, not everybody has their own methods and priorities. Apart from the obvious, such as price and proximity, it is often a smart idea to look into their recognition. Right here are some final things to ask.

  1. Is the mentor experienced in his or her field?

  2. Does the mentor have an established client list?

  3. Does the course offer theory and hands-on practice?

  4. Don’t hesitate to ask the questions. Every one of them. You are spending for your career and must get the very best possible suit

What Will You Learn From SEO Course with DMC, in Malaysia?

The objective of any SEO training should be to leave with the information to optimise a small- to the mid-sized internet site for search and create a fundamental technique for target market expansion. For the search engine optimization side, a good course will teach you about the things listed below:

  1. Keyword Research: Exactly how crucial is doing keyword research, generating a list of keywords that can get you traffic for your website.

  2. On-page Search Engine Optimization: You will learn about how to let the search engine know what your website is all about.

  3. Building Links To Your Website: You will learn what link building is and how to rank your website’s keywords on the top of the search engine.

Training that deals with these matters need to provide a strong structure in SEO. Even the fundamentals from a 101 course can get an internet site from absolutely nothing to something. This is a larger guideline than it might seem to be. It is incredible what optimized meta data and a handful of technical corrections can accomplish.

Where to Study: Online Training or In Person

The option between online or in-person training relies on preferred learning style. In-person SEO training is most ideal for individuals who prefer a more active experience or fully committed time to learning. Such as learning a foreign language, it may be simpler to make time and focus on a person sitting in front of you.

At times convenience is more crucial. Online training could be better for somebody who has to know SEO by the following week or needs to deal with their hectic timetable.

After reading this article, We believe that your decision whether to join an SEO course becomes much simpler.

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Facebook Reactions Now More Important Than Likes

Facebook Reactions Now More Important Than Likes

Changes is inevitable in the digital world. And one of the latest changes in Facebook is the way its algorithm ranks content. The Facebook “like” button was one of the social media website’s most popular features. But now if you Want your Facebook posts to reach more people, you will need to pay more attention to reactions rather than likes.

More Facebook Emojis

Facebook has introduced more emojis that users can click on to quickly express their feelings about a post. With the new additions of “love, haha, wow, sad and angry” as opposed to the traditional “like”, we have been interested on how they affect the way Facebook’s algorithm ranks content.

Facebook has been looking at how people commented on posts and used emojis to share their sentiments. This feature has been worked on for more than a year. After tested with some possible reaction emojis with some users, it was found that most people like the new addition. And according to their study, reactions indicate a deeper level of engagement. So far, the reactions have already been used more than 300 billion times by users.

How to Use Reactions

Reactions are made available both on the Facebook website and also on the app. At the moment, users can add reactions to posts, photos and videos but not to comments. To use reactions on Facebook, just click once (long press) on the “like” button. You will see all of the possible emojis appear. Choose one and click on it. But if you do not see any new emojis in the Facebook app, close the app and then reopen. The new emojis should appear.

The new feature helps users react more sensitively to the nature of posts. And you can view other’s reactions on each posts. Facebook shows the top three reactions people have used on a post, photo or video. Click on reactions, and you will see how many people posted them and who those people are.

It has been confirmed by Facebook that they will be weighing the importance of reactions rather than “likes” when it comes to deciding which posts to be shown to users. With the new algorithm, posts that get more reactions, regardless whether Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry, will be more rewarding with more visibility in user’s News Feeds. In other words, getting more reactions will provide you a better opportunity in the News Feed rankings. And all five reactions are weighted equally.

This may not be good news to some businesses because many brands are trapped in negative cycles of posts being shown only to a small percentage of followers (1% commonly). They will then fail to get the engagement from these 1% which in turn decreases the posts ranking as per Facebook’s algorithm. So the next post will be shown to even lesser users.

New Strategy

So the better strategy is obvious, which is creating content to get reactions. This includes funny content to generate “Haha”; negative content to generate “Sad” or “Angry”; and shocking content to generate “Wow”. Therefore, avoid content which is bland and generate. Instead, focus to generate emotional responses.

Facebook can potentially use data from its Reactions beyond simply better targeting. For example, with insights from Reactions, Facebook can collect more emotional data. This means, collecting a more qualified data of how its users react to advertising, which could eventually be used to better pinpoint the right consumer, device, and moment for ad content.

Reactions are an easy way for Facebook to dip its toe into sentiment analysis. So Facebook will adjust its algorithm so sentiment becomes a ranking factor. It could also provide a better user experience. A more detailed view of user responses could allow for better post optimization, as well as better data on what content is most popular by consumer. Therefore, it could help to yield better content and more visibility.

By classifying the Reactions, Facebook will have a better idea on users moods and preferences. Then users can be segmented accordingly. That means, more ideal content can be delivered to each of these user types in future moments. In other words, Facebook could decide what types of posts and ads to show in their respective News Feeds.

The social network could also take it a step further and eventually use this emotional data for ad targeting, which would allow advertisers to zero in on users based on the specific reactions they had to a type of content. Also, data from Reactions could simply be used to fine-tune the content users see in their News Feeds.

Reactions give Facebook the potential to offer its advertisers the ability to serve ads next to the posts that have generated positive reactions. Facebook could also encourage advertisers to boost their own well-liked posts to ensure the content users like most is seen by the widest possible audience. And with ads becoming more targeted and optimized, Facebook could even charge more for inventory and increase revenue through promoted posts while allowing brands to experiment with promoting posts based on audience reactions.

Reaction buttons are actually just another method for Facebook to try to demonstrate engagement value to advertisers. So business brands have the opportunity to better understand exactly how their customers are reacting to their content with something as clear as a happy or sad face.

However, Reactions have presented some difficulties for business clients. It can be challenging to interact with disgruntled customers on social media because many are choosing to simply leave a Reaction rather than a comment. It is difficult to grasp a more in depth understanding from Reactions alone. Harder to identify the reason of customers dissatisfaction, and even harder to get in touch with them to resolve the issue as you cannot reply to a Reaction as easily as you can reply to a comment.

Facebook could also use data from its Reaction buttons to inform future platform updates. By looking into videos, images, or regular statuses that generate the most diverse Reactions, those platforms can then be improved or updated accordingly.

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5 Free SEO Tools for Small Business Owners

5 Free SEO Tools for Small Business Owners

The common question among small business owners – How to maintain SEO campaign without breaking your account to spend on software and reporting tools? Though they may understand the value of SEO, they often think it is too expensive or too time-consuming to implement and learn. With the right use of online tools and reading discussion boards, articles, and YouTube videos, SEO can actually be done fairly easily. Even though the practise of SEO may be difficult to begin with, the concepts will eventually  make sense and you will be much closer to ranking your website on Google’s first page.

Here is a list of best free SEO tools on the market (in no particular order) to help small businesses, bloggers, including e-commerce website owners to perform some of their own SEO tasks. Each tool offers various results, so the more information you have, the better you can improve your search engine results! Let’s start to understand SEO and create an SEO strategy for your business.

Google Analytics

This is a must have tool if you are building a website, or at least make sure your developer installs this tool for you. As the best web analytics tool, it has more functionalities than you will ever know. Besides giving you a unique insight on who is visiting your page, you will also know which pages are most often being viewed, and how your visitors get to your page. This tool can let you know if your traffic comes mostly from social media channels or from organic Google searches.

On the traffic flow, you can even understand if the traffic is coming from desktop, mobile or tablet and accordingly flow can be managed effectively. Lots of useful information can be drawn from this data. You can understand which pages are favored by visitors while navigating to our site, allowing us to modify our pages which are rarely being visited and changed it for better-improved navigation. Also, we can focus to improve pages to increase visitor retention and generate more leads.

Search Console

Used to be named as Google Webmaster Tools, Google has rebranded it to Google Search Console. This is another must have tool to be installed on your website. Helping you to manage your site’s presence in Google search results, you can get a visual on how healthy your website is on Google level. This tool is best used to monitor what Google search engines think of your site from the backend.

Through Google Search Console, you can request that Google index your site, meaning changes you’ve made will show up in search results sooner. Also, with this service, you will be notified by Google directly regarding any issues or required actions to be taken against, your website. For example, a detected hack attack, a penalty for bad linking practices, a malware warning, or other technical notices which the search engine may send via Google Search Console.

Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is designed as a paid search tool. It helps to find related keywords and ad groups relevant to your business. It is the ultimate source for search volume data, as you can see which terms people are searching and how often. Therefore, its data is extremely useful for SEOs. There are two main categories that breaks up the keywords – search volume and keyword competitiveness. The search volume is the number of times searched in a month while the keyword competitiveness is how many other sites are targeting the same keyword.

This tool is accessed through AdWords, but you do not need to have or start a pay-per-click campaign to use the Keyword Planner. From Adwords homepage, go ahead and log into your Gmail account, bypassing the AdWords campaign by clicking “Tools” on the top bar.

Incognito search

An incognito browsing window can enable you to browse on Google “undercover” or anonymously. So this is a great tool to assist you in analyzing search engine page ranking more accurately. The incognito ensures that any customized search data Google stores when you’re signed in gets left out. With Google’s core search app, searching incognito can be performed from the main screen. Although the incognito window is not exactly a tool for SEO purposes, you can certainly make the most of it to boost your organic traffic.

Have you ever noticed that when you start typing a word into Google search, it will autofill with pop up suggestions? These suggestions are SEO gold because they are exactly what people are searching. But the problem with this method is, it will call up your search history to give you suggestions based on your previous web browsing activity. This is where incognito window steps in. In order to get an unbiased view, just open an incognito window and type your search in there. An incognito window can be opened from your Chrome Browser by pressing “ctrl” “shift” “N”.

Google Trends

Another goodie from Google, this tool is a very useful and often underrated instrument for search engine optimization. Use it to understand what people are Googling in real time. It also allows you to compare topics and gain awareness of industry trends beyond the scope of your direct competitors and in other countries. This will help you discover trending keywords because it fetches data that can be especially insightful for business owners wanting to keep up with current events and stories. Type in a phrase and you will easily see if it is a phrase that is growing. If it is, then you know you will want to use that term. And if you see it falling, you may want to redo your search to find other keywords or opportunities.

As a fairly new or small business owner, most likely you have a new website too. So if you plan to build authorships for yourself on the industry standard websites, this tool will help you get ideas for blog posts and articles you can write for your websites.

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Maximizing the Video Marketing

Maximizing the Video Marketing


Ways To Use Videos In Your Online Business

Okay, we’ve talked about YouTube and how you can market your business online using it. Let’s look at some 5 other strategies for using videos to market your business.

1) Share video content on your blog 

  • You can share video content of interest (doesn’t have to be done by you) on your blog which probably already has an existing fan base. Get your readers to comment on the video down at the blogs comment section or share it with others for some SEO magic

2) Sell them as a product

  • Video products usually convert better than e-books and can be sold at a higher price as a “premium” product because it costs more to create them.

3) Share them on Facebook 

  • If you have a Facebook fan page, you can share good video content and get people to interact with your shared content whether in the form of comments, sharing or “liking” to create buzz in your Fan Page

4) Use them as a video course 

  • You can bundle together videos and sell them as a video tutorial course to either get new leads or make big profits.


How To Boost Profits Using Videos

Did you know that videos have the ability to double, even triple your usual profits when used correctly? You can do so by using them as a backend product. You see, after someone buys a product from you (an e-book for example), there is a high chance that they will buy something again if you position your products properly.

A video is the perfect product for an upsell, meaning that since you already sold them something, the video can be something related to your e-book but priced even higher but give double the value! You have to make it such a way that it would be foolish to give up on such an opportunity. Your video product could be a video version of the e-book for a slightly higher price, or a massive video collection that complements the e-book priced higher than the e-book.

Or, you could also sell your video as a one time offer (OTO) and tell the customer that they will never have the chance to get this special offer again after they leave the site. Millions are left on the table because marketers fail to tap into backends for extra sales. So start creating your backend products today using videos!
In summary, videos are a great powerful tool for helping you grow your online business in many aspects.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same way traffic doesn’t happen in an instant. However, if you diligently practice these video marketing methods, your business will surely have a lot to gain!

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Tips For A Killer Brandable Domain Name

Tips For A Killer Brandable Domain Name

Your domain name is one of the first things people see. Is it something catchy and unique that will stick in people’s heads? Or is it long and forgettable? One of the first steps to having a rockin’ website is your domain name. You need a short and catchy url that people can remember and share with their friends. It needs to be something you can build a brand around. Owning your own domain name is a no-brainer. You can’t be a respectable website sitting on Blogspot or Tumblr with some ridiculous domain like If you want your site to rock, give it the respect of having its own name. But picking your domain is easier said than done.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Keep It Short: The longer your url is the harder it will be to remember, and the more likely people will misspell it.
  • Easy to Remember: A string of six random letters might be really short, but it’s not easy to remember. Your domain name has to stick in people’s minds in order for them to remember it and tell others about it.
  • Work With Your Brand: If you already have a brand name you really need to find a url that works with your brand. People will try to type in the name of your company with a .com at the end anyway, so you might as well go with it.  It goes without saying that you don’t use someone else’s brand or brand terms without their written permission. For example, WordPress is a brand, so you can’t use that term in your domain name. But you can use “WP” as we have done at
  • Use Keywords: Using search terms as part of your domain name can increase your search engine rankings and increase the chances of people finding your site. They need to fit into the name naturally, though. For example, includes the common search term “web design”, assisting it in organic search engine ranking. What keywords would people search under in order to find your type of business? Can you work one or more of them into your domain name without it sounding too awkward?
  • Relevant and Descriptive: It helps if your domain name describes what your site does in some way. It doesn’t have to (Amazon, Google, Yahoo are all good examples), but it makes it that much easier, especially if you’re not Amazon, Google or Yahoo.
  • How Does It Sound: Say your url out loud—is it clear how to spell it? If someone tells a friend the url over the phone would they have to spell it out? If you did a radio ad would it be perfectly clear how to spell it?
  • Avoid Numbers: Numbers in a domain name can be very confusing. It is never clear if the numbers should be written out or not: 7 or seven?
  • Avoid Homophones: 4 or for? There, their or they’re? Your or you’re? To, too or two?  See how confusing that can be? When someone is confused, they usually just move on to the next thing – such as your competitor’s site.
  • Spell it Right: Beware of words that are easily misspelled. If you do use them, buy the url with the misspellings and redirect users to the correct url.
  • It’s Dot Com: Stick with the top level domains, like .com for businesses and .org for nonprofits. There are all kinds of other options out there, such as .biz, .info and .tv, but they’re just not as accepted and people are likely to type .com anyway. The iPhone includes a “.com” button, which shows you just how widespread .coms are.
  • Ask Other People: It’s easy to think you have a killer domain name and overlook the fact that it could easily mean something else. Getting a different perspective can save you some embarrassment.
  •  Avoid Hard to Read Letters: Certain letters next to each other can be hard to read, depending on the font, like l and i (lilili) and m, n and r (mnrmnrmnr) or v and w (vwvwv).
  • Buy What You Need: If the url you love is taken you can always make the current owner an offer. It will cost you more money, but it can be worth it in the end. And it might be less expensive than you think.

Spend some time brainstorming and come up with lots of ideas. If you have a few you like, it might be worth registering them all just in case. There’s nothing worse than spending weeks debating a domain name, finally deciding and discovering that someone beat you to it.  However you get there, you need a strong url that works. It can be something practical that just does the job, or it can be something memorable that helps your site spread. Re-branding your site later on can be challenging, so choose wisely the first time.

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The Power of Blogging

Blogging Tips

Let’s start with the big picture tips and tricks that can help you get your head around the very idea of blogging and blogging well.

  1. Be Consistent 

Blogging is built on consistency. Your audience needs to know when to expect content and you need to learn how to deliver it consistently. You’ll need to train both readers and yourself. Set up a schedule, carve out the time and make it happen. Be sure to make your schedule realistic. Skipping posts, especially at the start, won’t help anyone. You’ll be better off posting less often but consistently than more often but inconsistently.

   2. Be Gracious 

Part of the downfall of mainstream media has been the ivory tower mentality—they’re journalists. Of course they’re right. Wrong. They’re just as human as the rest of us, just as prone to mistakes. Lose the pride and admit that you can learn from your readers. Be willing to admit your faults, be quick to say thank you, slow to be defensive. Practice humility.

   3. Help People Out

Selfish bloggers don’t get very far. You need to share the love. You need to give it away. You need to help one another out. While it’s OK to talk about yourself and promote what you’re doing, you should also help others and talk up what they’re doing. Give a little. More often than not those small gestures of goodwill will come back in the form of links, support and promotion.

4. You Can’t Take It Back 

Remember the rule of the Internet: Once you post it, you can’t take it back. Just because you delete a post doesn’t mean it’s been wiped clean from the Internet. There are so many archives and places where it could show up that you can’t control. So be smart: Don’t post something unless you’re comfortable with everyone seeing it—your boss, your coworkers, your competition, your enemies, your IRS auditor, your mom.

 5. Give Credit

One of the primary rules of blogging is to give credit where credit is due. If something inspired your blog post, give it a nod. If you’re pulling a quote from somewhere, link back to it. You don’t have to show the entire chain of connection (I saw Bob’s tweet about Ingrid’s blog post which talked about a book by Deon), but giving credit is a helpful way to show people where your ideas come from. It helps them know where to look for more and it encourages back and forth conversation about that idea. You didn’t have that idea in a vacuum, so be a part of the conversation.

 6. Find Your Niche 

Most blogging success is found by being successful in a narrow topic. You’re not going to become well known as a generalist, covering everything under the sun with little connection. You need to have some focus. You need to find your niche. Narrow in on a topic (preferably the one you’re passionate about) and focus on that and nothing else. You’ll never find success if you’re a mile wide and an inch deep. Find those few topics you can rule and cover them extensively.

7. Read Other Blogs 

Don’t be overly narcissistic. It’s not all about you. Get out there and read other blogs in your category. You’ll learn things, you’ll get ideas, you’ll find more things to talk about. You should also read other blogs about writing, blogging and other topics you enjoy, even if they’re not directly related to your main topic. You’ll pick up some insights from that cross-genre reading and it will make your blog better.

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The New Rules of Entrepreneurship

Those who use the “It’s just business” mantra as justification for their actions are easy to identify too…

The new playbook for entrepreneurs starts with these rules:

  1. Do right 

Do right. By everyone. All the time!

It’s as simple as the golden rule: Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. This new rule applies to your customers, clients, team members, partners, community, industry…or in other words, anyone involved in or affected by your business.  If you need help making consistently good decisions that do right by people, here is a list of questions you can run through:

  • Why do I really want to make this decision? What are my motivations? What spurred me to make this decision?
  • What obligations and responsibilities as a leader, entrepreneur and fellow human being do I have with the people affected by this decision?
  • Have I asked for feedback and input of people I trust and respect who will be honest with me about the decision I’m making?

  2. Do good

Doing good is always the right thing to do. But doing good is specifically about impact. Positive impact. Making a difference. Changing the world for the better. When I think about doing good, the word “goodwill” comes to mind, “friendly, helpful, cooperative feelings or attitude.” I’d add “acting on” those feelings and attitudes to that as well. Here are some ways to do good:

  • Participate — Get active in your community and industry. Engage and support activities that promote a better community. Bet Hannon told me as part of this book: “Part of giving, participating, mentoring is recognizing that you have something to contribute.”
  • Lead — When others complain, step up and lead to make a difference. Give credit where credit is rightly due.
  • Mentor — Pour yourself into others. Pass on your experience and expertise and time investing in other people.
  • Champion — Stand up for what’s right and for your customers and team.
  • Give — Give generously of your time, talent and treasure. Give back when the time comes. And always be paying it forward. Everybody started somewhere…and that includes you.

 3. Care

Here are some simple ways you can show you care:

  • Ask about them and their unique stories first. Don’t dominate the conversations about you, your work and what they should buy from you. And as they are opening up to you, don’t be scanning the room for other people to talk to!
  • Treat ALL people like human beings with immense value. No one is insignificant. Everybody matters. I’m amazed at how poorly people treat others they deem to not matter in the grand scheme of things. I make eye contact, say hello and when I can introduce myself and say, “Very nice to meet you.” You’d be surprised how awful receptionists or assistants are treated, when in fact, do you know who actually has the ear of the influencers?!
  • Remember names and stories. I know when someone remembers my name I feel important and valued, don’t you? Yes, sometimes I blank on names too, so I try to think about the people I might be meeting beforehand and recall and practice them. When in doubt, I admit to being foggy and reintroduce myself to them.

  4. Be genuine and authentic

Here’s some thoughts about being the original:

  • Being real and being you is simply easier. It takes less energy, focus and time. Resources you could use for long-term gains for you and others.
  • Illusions aren’t sustainable. When they eventually fade or flicker, you’re just found to be a fraud.
  • We all crave genuine relationships and intimacy. When you’re playing a part and wearing a mask, you can’t have either.
  • You’ll win fans, followers and friends. It’s increasingly refreshing to find people who are authentic and real because it gives us permission to also be ourselves. Thus, people will actually want to spend time with you because you’re not trying to fool them.

5. Be open and honest

Here are some things I’ve learned about being open and honest in business:

  • Most people simply want to know the what and the why. As best you can, share those details. “Here is what happened…” and “Here’s why we decided this…” They won’t always be happy about your decision or agree with it, but at least they know you’re being open, honest and forthright about it.
  • It shows you have nothing to hide. When you don’t communicate at all, it promotes cynicism and doubt. In a vacuum of details, people will conjure up the worst.
  • Use it to showcase your principles and values. It demonstrates your moral compass. And yes, part of writing this is to share mine with our customer community, our partners, so they know who they are dealing with.
  • Do it to keep earning the trust and respect of those we serve. Just sharing being open and honest and sharing the why behind your decisions earns loyalty and trust — keys to leading people and growing a business.

 6. Serve others

Employees “serve” us by showing up and doing work that benefits our companies, applying their time, talents, ideas to the team and organization. We as entrepreneurs, serve them in many ways from ensuring a safe, comfortable yet productive work environment for them to use their skills to seeking the best health insurance that meets the widest needs, or by simply taking up the slack when they have a death in the family.

Here are some additional tips for serving others:

  • Approach your business with an attitude of mutual service. It is infectious.
  • Show others preference and priority. Let others go first in the lunch line. Open doors for them. Give them your undivided attention.
  • Be willing to do what you ask others to do. Take out the trash too. Stay late on a deadline with them, even if you just keep them company.
  • Respect and value people in their service to others. Everybody can and should contribute. And even if their contribution might not be as big or valuable as another’s show that you value them for their service and contribution.
  • Weed out those who seek only to be selfishly served. We don’t want to be ME Monsters, nor do we want ME Monsters in our business. It doesn’t align with the New Rules we’re seeking to live by.


I promise you, as I’ve seen in my life and business, one thing…Invest in people and they will invest in you, your business, your vision. And in this case, everybody’s going to win. Big!