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Digital Marketing Training Malaysia

digital marketing malaysia

How Investing in Digital Marketing Training Would Benefit Your Career in Malaysia

DMC has the best training in digital marketing subjects in Malaysia. Here we discuss the benefits of investing in digital marketing training for your business and career.

Have you ever come across someone who is asking whether a digital marketing course can add any value to his career? The truth of the matter is that this training adds a lot of benefits to your working life. There are several digital marketing courses, and each of them tends to offer a different thing. The best digital marketing course should address your learning needs, preferences and fall within your budget. Here are some ways you can benefit from a digital marketing course.

Provides you with an up to date Knowledge of the Industry

Most people who teach digital marketing courses are key figures within the marketing industry. The digital industry has a fast paced nature, and these professionals have to update themselves to make sure that they remain relevant. You will find these digital marketing campuses updating their content from time to time.

Apart from having a broad overview of the online marketing industry, the student will learn some key elements like analytics, social media, SEO, branding and mobile contribution to the journey of the client. You will also get the most up to date marketing information within your niche. This, in turn, improves your set of skills which may impress your potential or existing employer. An online marketing course may open new doors for employment or promotion. You will have more confidence while handling the digital strategy and you may record career advancements a few months after graduating.

Shows your Commitment to the Industry

Most talented candidates go for similar roles in the ultra-competitive industry of digital marketing. Any serious employer will try to get candidates who show their full commitment to the industry by completing a course during the non-working hours. Most companies will begin to look for your services once you have a digital marketing course on your CV. The advantage is that it is not an expensive course and some employers may offer to fund it partly.

Improves your Networking Potential both Now and in the Future

An online marketing course in not all about the lecturers and guest speakers you interact with on a daily basis. You can interact with these instructors during and after the course. However, you also get to meet other professionals who are presently working in the marketing industry. You may also meet people who aspire to break in the digital marketing niche.

During the course, you get to share your experiences and learn from all these individuals. The group work sessions are the best for gaining such knowledge. At the end of the day, you will have a very new network of professionals who may support you throughout your career. Most course graduates create LinkedIn accounts where they interact and share information. You may also find new marketing jobs from these networks. It implies that you may continue ripping the benefits of a digital marketing course several years after graduation.

Digital Marketing Training Malaysia

Types of Digital Marketing Topics

Most digital marketing courses provide an incredible strategic overview of the entire digital industry. They touch on the central issues such as strategy, business regulations, analytics, SEO, PPC, mobile, display, email marketing, branding, social media, and content marketing just to name a few. It implies that you will have a broad knowledge by the time you are graduating. You may also develop a career focus you would never discover if you didn’t enroll for the course. For example, you may decide to become an analytics specialist. You would never have considered such a thing if you didn’t register for the course.

Offers a Collaborative Learning Environment

Most digital marketing courses provide an interactive and collaborative learning environment. Unlike some academic courses, the curriculum allows you to work on real campaign briefs. This approach goes a long way in assisting you to learn from mistakes. You cannot do such a thing in the real digital industry.

Therefore, you will have a lot of experience that you can use throughout your career by the time you will be graduating. The course gives you an upper hand over other candidates and employees who don’t have a similar level of experience to draw on. The environment also offers an excellent opportunity to ask questions about digital marketing and how to apply the fundamental principles to a particular campaign. You will rarely come across such chances in the real world.

If you are interested in the digital marketing course, do contact us at 019 4751379.

Workshop Description

This Course has been designed for busy entrepreneurs that just want to get results fast on the Internet. Each training module will give you an easy to follow instructions and guide you to growth hack your business using digital marketing.

Workshop Objectives

Using digital marketing as a platform to grow your business by generating more leads and sales.

Expected Learning Outcomes


Acquire more qualified prospects


Reduce lead times and nurture leads more effectively


Achieve a more balanced pipeline


Increase your conversion rate


Develop your online brand by creating and promoting relevant content


Build solid relationships online, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business


Adapt the tone, style and type of your content based on your target audience


Optimize territory and pipeline analysis and define growth strategies


Maximize the impact of your digital selling with the use of CRM tools, digital tools and social media platforms


Understand how to lead the implementation of a digital sales strategy in your organization

Targeted Participants

SME owners or markets who are looking to build a working professional website.

Training Methodology/Approach

  • Relevant and concise course material for each participant
  • Customized case studies, business simulations
  • Extensive use of internet throughout course delivery
  • Group discussions
  • Whiteboard and flip chart

Workshop Duration : 2 Days

Digital Marketing Training Malaysia Course Modules


- Companies that create a plan, succeed. Whether it’s a business plan, marketing plan or digital plan.
- Online Marketing Goals
- Online Marketing Objectives
- Marketing KPI

Campaign goals and tracking. What are we trying to achieve through our campaign and how will we know when we achieve it?


Your online marketplace analysis summarises how the target audience for your campaign consumes media.
- Who’S Buying From You? Why?
- How Do They Find You (E.G. Using Search Engines, Comparison Or Media Sites)?
- Who Else Do They Buy From?
- How Could You Increase Your Target Audience?
- Where Else Do Your Customers Spend Time Online?

Campaign insight and targeting. Which audiences are we trying to reach and influence to achieve our goals?


When you start a campaign you need a hook, theme or main message you want the
audience to recall and act upon.

- Promoting New Products
- Launching New Products
- Brand Messaging
- Promotional Offers and T&Cs
- Developing Online Value Propositions
- Reasons to Click
- Viral Content

Key campaign messages and offers. Which campaign storytelling ideas, content and product-related offers will engage and convert our audience? How are we trying to position our company, products and services?


In this step we will review decisions around three key issues of media investment:

Overall investment in different media types. Variation of spend through time
and media integration Some of media covered will be :

- Google Ads
- Facebook Marketing
- Remarketing
- Emailing
- Social Media Marketing

Campaign media plan and budget. Which media channels will you use to reach and influence your target audience? What will be the sequence and integration of media activities?


You may have agreed your online content assets, do think broadly about what works with your customer groups. This may include:
- Games.
- Written Guide / PDF downloads
- Videos
- Quizzes / Interactive Test

Audience interaction and participation. How will we encourage interest and engagement in our campaigns using the content assets and creative which we host on campaign landing pages on our sites and seek to share via social networks? How do we generate leads that we can then convert to sale.


How to encourage sale from existing contacts at the Reach and Act stage through
- Retargeting or Remarketing
- Automated Emails Marketing
- Behavioural Retargeting
- Brand Campaigns in AdWords & Remarketing
- Web Personalization

Optimise and test. How do we link interaction and engagement with the campaign assets through to purchase intent and sale which may happen online if we have a transactional Ecommerce site or offline through phone, in store or by mail order..


Encouraging sharing and ongoing engagement in campaign. During the campaign encourage sharing. There are four simple ways to do this:
- Use Social Share Buttons
- Thank Sharers
- Capture Reviews / Post Sale Satisfaction Surveys
- Follow-Up With Customers, E.G. After An Event
- Set Up An Affiliate Marketing Campaign

How we can build a tribe of loyal followers who are willing to promote our products for free.

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