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Can Businesses in Malaysia Benefit from LinkedIn?

If you have a business in Malaysia and not yet setup an account with LinkedIn, please do so now! Your business needs a solid online presence if you have to keep it up with the increasing competition on the market. Some people only use one social media platform to register their presence online. The best approach is diversification by advertising your business on several social media platforms. You will discover that each platform has its pros and cons.

This article attempts to address the importance of LinkedIn for business. As a business owner, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help you jump start your online presence. Here are some of the reasons that can force you to be on LinkedIn if you own a business.

Generation of Leads for your Business

LinkedIn will open networking doors for you and enhance your clientele base. You need to update your business page with information that is resourceful to your followers and connections. It’s critical to brand yourself as the subject expert on your service, and your followers will turn back to you whenever they require assistance.

You should not use your business LinkedIn account to post personal or social information. It’s advisable to make sure that you don’t divert the attention of your followers by disengaging from the theme of the profile. You should maintain professionalism by treating the account as part of your office.

Most people may stop following you if they discover that the page has no commitment to publishing business related information. LinkedIn is very efficient when it comes to connecting you with new people you can turn into customers. You may get several referrals from existing connections as long as you keep your LinkedIn account relevant.  

Increased Exposure for Your Products or Services

You can gain a lot of attention for your business by maintaining a LinkedIn company page. The LinkedIn page can show up when visitors search for you on Google. Therefore, you can enhance the exposure of your business by registering your business presence on LinkedIn.

The brand can also show up when LinkedIn users make refined searched on the platform. Gone are the days when you could rely on traditional forms of marketing alone. LinkedIn has the capacity of even exposing a small business to the whole world. All you need is an understanding of how you can maximize the benefits you receive from this platform.

LinkedIn Enhances the Credibility of Your Business

LinkedIn is among the best business platforms that you can use to Showcase your products and services and gain a lot of trust from your prospects or customers. One of the features that can assist you in building trust is the “Recommendation” tab. The recommendations you receive from past customers and clients help in building trust potential customers.

You will rarely find this feature on other social media platforms. These recommendations increase your chances of getting more sales and leads. This feature explains why I recommend the use of LinkedIn for business purposes. You may try multiple social media networks in marketing your business, but LinkedIn should not miss on the list.

Once you are on social media, clients understand that you are open to criticism. You cannot offer poor quality and expect to thrive on LinkedIn for long. The fact that you engage with your customers on such open forums enhances your credibility. It is an excellent way of building confidence and trust among your followers. Make as many connections as possible and aspire to maximize your customer service levels.

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Gives you an Opportunity to Show of your Business Accomplishments

You can also build trust with your existing clients by displaying your business achievements. LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for showcasing your success stories. Most customers are looking for businesses that have something new to offer. You can use LinkedIn to share the new arrivals with your customers.

Customers will be eager to check out what will be coming out next. The advantage of LinkedIn is that they don’t charge you for advertising your business. You can record some of the recent achievements and you will receive an overwhelming flow of clients.

Filtered Search Results

Another thing that makes me recommend LinkedIn for business is the aspect of filtered search results. You can never generate sales in an effective manner unless you reach your customers effectively. LinkedIn simplifies this process by providing you with a group of Google search options that you can utilize in honing your target demographics.

This feature is not effective on any other social media platform as is the case with LinkedIn. Filtering your searches allows you to narrow down to your target audience. Some information may be relevant to a particular group and it may be useless to throw it everywhere.

Gaining quality Business Connections

LinkedIn plays a critical role in assisting you to gain high-quality business connections. One advantage of LinkedIn is that it is crowded with so many forward thinking professionals. In fact, LinkedIn is more of a professional than social media platform.

Most of LinkedIn participants are also looking for ways to grow their businesses. Apart from selling your products and services, you will be able to share business ideas with same minded individuals. I guess you cannot get this service on any other platform.

You will meet individuals who will simplify the processes as they represent their companies. You will discover that you miss out so much if you don’t integrate LinkedIn into your business strategy. This is the only platform that will allow you to not only get customers but also business ideas. You can also meet new partners from the connections you make on LinkedIn.


You will agree with me that LinkedIn connections are more beneficial than any other connections you make on social media. LinkedIn can assist you in building high-quality business connections, filtered search results, gaining high levels of credibility, increasing market exposure, and generating new leads.

You will discover that these benefits are unique from the benefits you get from other sites. The best approach is to incorporate LinkedIn into your social media marketing plan. I hope you now understand why you must be on LinkedIn if you own a business. You will agree with me that using LinkedIn for business promotion is the primary key to success.

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