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How Can Businesses Benefit From Instagram in Malaysia?

Businesses Benefit From Instagram in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the trend of using Instagram in businesses is growing. The need for business to create and leverage has been on the rise as visual content has been gaining popularity on social media. A shift to social media platform implies that brands are now using them communicating to their customers and followers.

Instagram is among the most popular platforms that can assist you in leveraging this power. Instagram has over 150 million followers, and hence it is among the widely used photo sharing platform. You can share videos as well as photos with your followers. On average, users share 55 million photos on Instagram on a daily basis.

This nature of activity alone will explain to you why your business needs to impress the use of Instagram. Instagram can generate several perks to your brand. Here are some of the ways that businesses can benefit from Instagram.  

Increased Engagement

Most people overlook the branded updates that are posted on Twitter or Facebook depending on the nature and quality of the post. However, ignoring posts is not a common practice when it comes to Instagram. As long as you have an active Instagram account that publishes interesting and useful content, you will earn crazy engagement levels with your followers.

A study by Forrester revealed that Instagram content creates approximately 120 more engagements per follower on Twitter and 58 times connections on Facebook. The secret of maintaining followers is to engage them fully.

It’s advisable to post high-quality content on your Instagram account on a regular basis. Some of your audience may unfollow you if you keep on posting content that does not add any value to their life. You should not post more than one image within a span of less than six hours. As you are aware, too much of something can turn out to be poisonous.

Another technique is how you spread your photos on your timeline. You should not just throw them anyhow and everywhere. Make sure you arrange them evenly so that they impress your visitors. Otherwise, you may think that you are attracting followers when you are actually losing out on them.

Building Personality and Trust

Since branded content is very useful in generating engagements on Instagram, it can assist you to build trust for your business. Individuals buy from other people, and Instagram will help you in creating an emotional connection with your followers.

The advantage of Instagram is that it allows you to share the daily experiences of your business in a casual and informal way. Such an approach grants you a personalized feeling for your business. Behind the scene employee images and photos have a tendency of ranking very well on this social media platform. This method is effective if you offer a particular service.

Photos make your brand more trustworthy and attractive which brings a positive effect on the bottom line. The first way to build trust is by responding to any comments that require your immediate attention. You should never ignore a comment especially if the follower is waiting for your response. You should also improve your turnaround time by responding within a short period.

It may become challenging to answer to all comments when you allow them to pile. Some customers may think that you are unreliable by not addressing their concerns. However, you should be careful to only post content that adds value to your business. It will enhance the personality and build trust for your brand.

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Increase your Traffic

The truth of the matter is that you cannot add clickable links to all the Instagram posts you publish. However, this social media platform is a great source of traffic. All your business needs are traffic that you can transform into potential customers. The quality of traffic is more important than the number of followers.

You need to create and maintain an active profile to enhance the visibility of your site. The best way to let the world know about your presence is by leveraging your existing platforms and channels. You can visit to get a direct link to your profile and share it on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

You can also send emails to your contacts informing them of your presence on Instagram. Make sure you inform them of what you intend to post and invite them to follow you. Your intention should be to enhance the online presence of your brand.

Enhancing Your Competitive Advantage

Instagram is still less competitive than Twitter and Facebook. Research by American Express reveals that only 2 percent of small businesses currently make use of Instagram. These firms have a competitive advantage over other companies that don’t impress Instagram.

Enterprises that use Instagram in marketing reach their target audience with a lot of ease in comparison to the use of Twitter and Facebook. The case is applicable when you are dealing with larger competitors.

Reaching the target market

If your target is to reach out to people who were born in the 1980’s and 90’s, Instagram is the best place for you. A recent survey by Jenns Trends reveals that close to 40 percent of people in this age group are on Instagram. An Instagram account will enhance your connection with the under 30 crowd. It does not imply that Instagram only works with youth -focused brands such as Red Bull. General brands are also gaining a lot of popularity on their Instagram pages.

Get access to Free Advertising

The greatest thing about Instagram is that it offers free advertisement. The platform allows you to showcase your services and products in the global marketplace. The advantage is that you receive these services at no additional cost.

Examples of Brands that use Instagram for Marketing in Malaysia

Several brands in Malaysia make good use of the Instagram platform for marketing. Some of them include Air Asia, Pebble Paper Design, Pestle and Motor, Sole What, MyBurgerLab, Kayu Clothing, and Stickerrific just to name a few. These companies have recorded a lot of success when it comes to building their online presence on Instagram. You can visit their Instagram profiles to see what they do if you wish to develop some techniques. You can also connect with them and follow them for learning purposes.

If you want to harness the hottest social media Instagram Malaysia, and use to create lots of awareness to your business, contact us at +603-79312282 or and we will be happy to help you.

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