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Facebook Marketing Training

Facebook Marketing Training

The importance of facebook marketing for businesses and organizations is no longer questioned. It has become a worldwide trend in which helps businesses and organizations connect with their customers online.

Drive meaningful revenue from social media with Facebook. Stay up-to-date on the latest social media best practices with on-demand Facebook Marketing Training. Our course give you practical, real-world insights and teach proven techniques and strategies. The courses also identify social media tools, technology and platforms used to manage and measure success.

The Most Comprehensive Course on Facebook Marketing Ever.

Content Development

Creating social content that will go viral.


Social campaign that drive traffic to your website.

Track & Measure

Tracking the effectiveness of your social campaign.

Analysis Adjustment

Optimize the social campaign for best result.

Marketing Strategies

Social strategy that will maximize the conversion.

Social Signal

Create social signal & brand awareness.

Course Duration: 2 Days

This Course Includes:

Day 1:

Introduction to Facebook

  • Create an Optimized Facebook Page
  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Get to know your Facebook pages interface
  • How to Use Google Keyword Planner
  • How to Use Keywords in your Facebook Page Description
  • Optimize your Facebook Page Images
  • What Makes your Facebook Page Awesome?
  • How and What Apps to Install on your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Business Manager Introduction and Setup.
  • Facebook Business Manager Setup Step by Step instructions.
  • Facebook ads business manager introduction
  • Facebook business manager reviewed.
  • Optimize Facebook Page Settings
  • Top 5 SEO Tips for your Facebook Page

Understanding Facebook Ads (Beginner)

  • Create a Facebook Ad
  • Types of Facebook Ads
  • How to Find Audiences Similar to Your Target Audience on Facebook
  • Facebook Hack – Find Similar Audiences to Target in Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Targeting
  • A/B Split Testing – Use Two Ad Sets in Same Campaign
  • List of Cheapest Countries for Facebook Ad Clicks
  • Do you want $0.01 Facebook Page Likes/Clicks?
  • Create a Custom Audience on Facebook Ads
  • Create a Lookalike Audience on Facebook Ads
  • The BEST Lookalike Hack Ever!
  • How to Steal Fans from your Competitor

Understand Facebook Audience

  • Introduction to audiences in Facebook ads.
  • Facebook ads audience types: custom, lookalike, and saved.
  • Customer list custom audience creation in Facebook advertising.
  • Website traffic custom audience creation for remarketing.
  • Custom app audience from people liking my page using my page plugin.
  • Creating a lookalike audience.
  • How to make a saved audience to speed up targeting with Facebook ads.
  • Using audience insights to learn more about your audiences.
  • Using data to create a custom targeting audience for low cost post engagement.

How a local business can be successful on Facebook with ideas and case studies.

  • Overview of success strategies for Facebook for local businesses and audiences.
  • How to get people talking about your business locally on Facebook.
  • Advertising locally on Facebook is challenging. Here is what might work for you.
  • How to do branding with page posts for a local business on Facebook.
  • Getting likes for your local business page with Facebook ads.
  • The importance of finishing setting up your Facebook page and adding address.
  • Reviews on your local page are nice but not something to get upset about.
  • 3 mistakes to avoid when doing your Facebook page for a local audience.

Facebook Reporting

  • What is a Relevance Score?
  • Facebook Ads Reporting
  • UPDATE Facebook Ads Manager – Reporting Integrated


  • Instagram Ads on Facebook
  • Twitter and Instagram Hacks – Increase Your Followers!
  • Social Media Hacks – Buffer Course

Case Studies

  • Examples of fail and successful Facebook campaigns we can model

Social Media Crisis on Facebook

  • How to deal with negative publicity
  • How to deal with trolls
  • How to deal with people who wants to sabotage your business

Day 2:

Optimizing Your Ads

  • How to get cheap 0.01 cent for ads
  • How to model my the most effective ad by modelling other ads online
  • Using the power editor to quickly make new ad sets for post engagement.
  • Using the power editor export and import to mass change ad sets.
  • How I make 50 ad sets in the power editor in 8 minutes.
  • Analyzing the data and pausing the bottom 50% of ad sets to improve performance.
  • The real work in Facebook ads is sorting through the data to find what works.
  • Using Facebook page post engagement ads to make a website conversion campaign.
  • Creating a new Facebook ad campaign in the power editor for conversions.
  • Introduction to Facebook retargeting and what you should know before you start.

Understanding Facebook Ads Types

  • Understanding all the types of Facebook ads and their function for your business
  • Choosing the best ads suited for your business

Facebook page post engagement ads with videos and conversions

  • Review of low cost ads for one video and plan to create ads for all videos.
  • Creating multiple video post ads in one ad set for split testing one conversion.
  • Creating Facebook page post video ad campaigns split tested on a landing page.

Launching Your Sales Funnel

  • How to build your sales funnel within Facebook to generate leads and sales

Who Should Attend?

This course for anyone that needs to quickly get up-to-speed on the foundations of social media marketing. You’ll get a solid overview of the major social networks and understand how to effectively deliver a social media campaign through planning, execution and optimisation.

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